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Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, mjanja (“mmm” like it tastes good - janja) has always had a passion for music. As a child, he was introduced to music through band class and piano lessons. Always a dabbler, he learned to produce music for school projects and as a pastime, but producing music didn’t become a serious pursuit until later on. When it became clear that a 9-to-5 career wouldn’t yield the opportunities for expression and adventure he truly seeks in life, mjanja decided to start taking his productions more seriously. 

In the studio, mjanja draws on influences he has accrued over the course of his global travels and inspiration from all across the musical spectrum to build off-kilter beats around unconventional sound palettes without losing an infectious familiarity. He utilizes nuances of rhythm and sound design to take listeners on a journey through the uncanny yet familiar parts of the music world.

photos by Tommy Lundy

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